Bertec MS 800 UV


Bertec MS 800 UV is a high-quality, professional and universal sealant and construction or
assembly glue, based on hybrid technology, which hardens through air humidity to a permanently elastic rubber.

Universal joint sealant for connections, seams, cracks and cracks in construction, industry, marine and automotive on many surfaces.
Universal construction adhesive kit for the metal, concrete, plastic, wood and carpentry industries such as: bodywork, car, bus, train, trailer, caravan, motorhome, ship, machine, motor, windows, interior, wood frame, stand, finish, furniture, (sandwich) panels, prefab, unit, façade, window, window, glass, steel, air conditioning, air ducts , road and bridge construction etc.
Universal glazing kit for laminated, single, double and burglar-resistant glass. Also suitable for polycarbonate (plexi).
Universal, water-resistant mounting adhesive for many building materials.
Sealing and bonding in spaces for food.
Universal natural stone adhesive and / or sealant.
Universal mirror glue.
Universal sealant for sanitary rooms and wet rooms.
Universal repair glue kit for maintenance, renovation, leakage, repair, fastening, insulation, installation and assembly work.
Sealing joints around windows and doors adjacent to masonry and concrete work.
Sealing joints in sanitary rooms and wet rooms (bath, kitchen, shower and toilet areas).

content: 310 ml

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