PALLMANN | WOODREFRESHER – Wood Refresher – Houten terras

Watergedragen onderhoudspolish, voor houten vloeren in buitentoepassing.

Geschikt voor het onderhoud van o.a.:

Houten vloeren in buitentoepassing

  • Krachtige reiniger
  • Mild voor het hout
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1. Old coating or oil layers have to be removed.
2. Shake well before use.
3. Apply PALLMANN WOOD REFRESHER, depending on the degree of graying, undiluted or diluted to a maximum of 1-3 with water, on the pre-wetted wood with a brush or similar into the grain of the wood.
Brush the dissolved graying after 15 minutes with a scrubbing brush until the desired color of the wood is achieved.
Do not allow the PALLMANN WOOD REFRESHER to dry! For larger areas sectional work is
necessary and the process has to be repeated if necessary.
4. After use, clean tools thoroughly.


Safety Data Sheet PALLMANN WOOD REFRESHERPDF, 106 kbĀ downloadĀ 
Product Data Sheet PALLMANN WOOD REFRESHERPDF, 356 kbĀ download

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